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Matthew Tan (born 1945) grew up listening to his uncle's country music collection back in the 50s and cited artists like Gene Autry and Roy Rogers as childhood heroes. By the time he finished school in 1961, he formed a band with his friends and started playing part-time gigs. In 1975, Matthew flew to Nashville, Tennessee where he worked with local western artists; there, he met many of his country music heroes including country legend Skeeter Davis and they became lifelong friends. When Matthew returned to Singapore, he headlined at a few hotels where he developed both an American expat fanbase and grew his Singapore fanbase. Matthew's growing recognition gave Matthew and The Mandarins the momentum to record an album. Their no.1 hit single "Singapore Cowboy" is still a top requested song for local country music lovers. "Singapore Country" investigates how Matthew came up with the song "Singapore Cowboy" and how he overcame the odds to pursue his passion for Country Music.



15 mins 10 secs

National Library Board



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