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centrepoint kids

It is 1985, Singapore. Meishi is an awkward 16 year old girl looking for some colour in her life and finds them in the uber colourful Centrepoint Kids. Meishi's cousin, Elaine, is part of one of the many cliques of kids at the popular mall and tries to help Meishi get into the clique - CP KidZ 8. There is a big dance off between rival gangs CP KidZ-8 and Loverboys coming up and Meishi endeavours to do well during the dance off to prove her worth into the gang and catch the eye of her crush, Zach, leader of the gang. But when Meishi's strict father finds out, he tries to put a stop to her pastel dreams.


19 mins 18 secs



National Library Board



  • 17th Sarasota Film Festival - Official Selection

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